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Board Governance

Board governance is of vital importance for every organization.  It’s the term that comprises the systems and processes governing the behavior of a board of directors and the organization they represent, the scope of responsibilities of the board themselves, and a framework for board decision-making. Simply put, board governance describes what boards do and how they do it. 


Below is a list of potential services we can assist your board of directors.


  • Prepare and submit a board packet/meeting materials (management report, minutes, financials, contracts and status of action items) prior to a meeting.

  • Attending Board and Committee meetings as requested / required under our contract.

  • Facilitate and provide input at meetings of the membership and the board.

  • Provide full reports of all Association activity to the Board of Directors monthly.

  • Create an action list based on meeting discussions.

  • Deliver presentations at meetings.

  • Conduct new board member orientation.

Policy, Procedures & Implementation

  • Provide information and guidance to the board as it sets policies and makes decisions.

  • Recommend uniform assessment collection policies to the board.

  • Recommend investment policies to the board/committees/sub-committees.

  • Implement election procedures for membership meetings.

Fiduciary Responsibility

  • Organize and maintain association records/files (contracts, correspondence, owner files, meeting minutes).

  • Assist in the development of the reserve study.

  • Assist the board in identifying funding sources for reserve expenditures.

  • Identify qualified accounting practitioners for the association.


Community Communication

  • Develop and implement calendars (master, administrative) for meetings, events, maintenance and contracts.

  • Provide support to committees and/or sub-committees (answer questions, provide background information on issues).

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