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Risk Management & Insurance

Advise the board on its fiduciary responsibilities and assist in the development of  the association’s rules and regulations, due process and procedures; obtaining and maintaining insurance coverages. 

  • Inform owners of their responsibility to insure their own property.

  • Advise the board on its fiduciary responsibilities.

  • Advise the board in developing the association’s rules and regulations, and due process procedures.

  • Advise the board in obtaining and maintaining insurance coverages (casualty, fidelity, liability, property, D&O, workers’ compensation).

  • Coordinate property valuation to determine insurance needs.

  • Obtain and maintain current insurance certificates (workers’ compensation, liability) from contractors and subcontractors.

  • Communicate information regarding association insurance policies and limitations of coverage to owners.

  • Provide information as requested by the association’s legal counsel.

  • Identify areas of potential loss (property, liability, income and personnel)

  • Document, submit and coordinate insurance claims.

  • Coordinate inspection by risk management professional.

  • Communicate with all regulatory agencies on behalf of the association.

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