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Human Resources

If your organization employs groundskeepers and maintenance personnel, we can help you manage them through our human resources program.  Human resources is responsible for recruiting, onboarding, training and managing an employee from their job application to final severance. This end-to-end management of employees includes strategies for payroll and benefits administration, up-skilling, establishing positive workplace culture, optimizing employee productivity, handling employer-employee relationships, employee termination and more.

  • Develop, recommend and/or update job descriptions.

  • Recruit, hire and/or terminate employees.

  • Establish employee performance objectives, evaluate work performance and conduct periodic reviews.

  • Supervise employees.

  • Communicate employment policies and laws to employees.

  • Communicate employment policies and laws to the association.

  • Develop, recommend and implement employee policies.

  • Maintain and retain individual employee files.

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