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Financial Services

MAM’s board experience encompasses many areas, and we possess expertise in financial services, record keeping, and correspondence to assist your board in the day-to-day operations.  Whether you need accurate and reliable accounting of your receivables and payables, comprehensive financial reports, develop and track your annual budget or prep for an audit, we can do it, and do it expertly.


Financial Management: Budgets, Reserves, Investments and Assessments


  • Implement internal financial control procedures.

  • Prepare and issue assessment notices.

  • Process accounts payable and accounts receivable.

  • Enforce collection policies for delinquent accounts.

  • Prepare bank reconciliations.

  • Provide regularly scheduled financial statements and reports to the board and members as requested and approved by the board.

  • Prepare capital and operating budgets.

  • Manage association operations within the budget.

  • Work with CPA’s to coordinate corporate tax returns and audits.

  • Provide the association financial records to the independent auditor and/or accountant.

  • Distribute audited financial statements to the board and the membership.

  • Implement investment policies of the board.

  • Implement the reserve funding model approved by the board.

  • Identify and/or inventory association physical assets.

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